Neon Game — P2E Multi Staking NFT collection on Solana

Neon Game
5 min readDec 9, 2021

Neon Game is a play to earn NFT multi-staking game on the Solana blockchain. It features an enclosed token economy to earn future rewards. As well as an advanced multi-staking world that adds different levels of risk to reward aspects.


Neon is a city full of corruption, stemming from the deep seeded influence of the gangs that control the city from the shadows. Despite this, opportunities are plentiful. The industrial landscape is dominated by Shensin Industries and Vital Corps. These two corporations are responsible for the greed that is prevalent throughout. Strife is rampant in the streets, from tactical skirmishes to outright warfare that on occasion bleeds into all aspects of life.

Humans Utilize their economic advantage to sway influence among the politicians to keep the status quo. The upper levels of Neon City are home to the humans, it is also the most affluent part of the city. Robots were designed originally to take over the mundane tasks of the city. This also caused many lower class citizens to lose their jobs due to the new robot workforce. Compounding the already strong economic disparity. Cyborgs sprung up from this. These lower class humans had to evolve to survive. They chose to augment their bodies and gain a physical advantage. Below Neon lies a vast sewage system built to handle the enormous amount of industrial waste produced by the two dominant corporations. Mutants have evolved to occupy this area. It’s a dangerous place that most dare not enter. They are considered outcasts among all who live in Neon City.

Although each race remains isolated from one another, there’s one thing they all have in common: an insatiable lust for $CREDITS.$CREDITS control Neon’s infrastructure from the ground up. Mutants seek to reach the surface, while robots and cyborgs pursue further enhancements to their bodies and software. And humans continue to manipulate with their economic advantage to sway power. Neon is an ever evolving city, this fluidity is capable of forever enhancing or destroying lives in an instant. Your allegiance will decide your fate amidst the growing tensions in the streets of Neon.


  • There are 10,000 Gen 0 NFTs, these will be minted for 1–1.5SOL each.
  • 40,000 Gen 1 will be minted using $CREDITS.
  • There are two types of NFTs, Gangsters and Citizens.
  • Both can be staked in one of 4 different districts to earn $CREDITS.
  • If citizens unstake from a district the gangster will try to steal all of the accumulated $CREDITS.
  • The more dangerous districts carry with them a higher chance of $CREDITS being stolen by gangsters.
  • Gangster NFTs will attempt to kidnap any new citizens that join Neon City.
  • Citizens staked in the Sludgeon district have the option to double or nothing their claim.
  • If a citizen loses its double or nothing then their profits are split amongst staked gangsters.


  • Users who are whitelisted will have one hour to purchase up to 6 NFTs; whilst supplies last.
  • Gen 0 NFTs will only be purchasable with SOL.
  • GEN 1 NFTs will only be purchasable with $CREDITS.
  • The Neon development team will retain 300 NFTs. These will be utilised for marketing and team assignation.
  • Any remaining GEN 0 NFTs that are not minted will be burned.


  • There is a 90 percent chance to mint a citizen.


  • There is a 10% chance to mint a gangster.
  • Gangsters will have three different ranks. This influences the proportion of the overall rake pool that they receive. Staking a gangster of the highest rank will functionally be similar to staking three gangsters of the lowest rank; in terms of how much rake they collect.


  • The maximum supply of $CREDITS is 5,000,000,000.
  • When the supply reaches 2,400,000,000 $CREDITS earned for staking, the staking faucet will turn off.
  • The developers will receive 600,000,000 $CREDITS.
  • Community Rewards will be allocated 2,000,000,000 $CREDITS



Neon is being built from the ground up, specifically for the Solana blockchain. This differs from many other projects — particularly those built on the Ethereum blockchain, that have been forked from previous games. This has enabled us to design our own unique architecture. If all goes well will have the game finished, audited and running within 7 days of mint.

Neon, similar to Metaplex, will use a multi-contract ecosystem with six total contracts. These contracts will not know about each other; except for Neon Hub — which is aware of all contracts. Neon Hub will act as the NFT dispatcher, treasury and the coordinator for the rest of the contracts. There are 4 district staking contracts; these have different modifiers on earnings, rake percentages and unstake risks. The staking contracts will manage the staking, as well as the duration of the stake. The claims will be handled by the Hub to reduce computational overhead. The other contract, Entropy, will provide a source of randomness for the Neon Hub to use when calculating risks/rewards for stakers.

Neon Hub will store calculated values derived from the district’s risk and reward parameters. It will also store district population counts of citizens and gangsters. As citizens and gangsters earn rewards from staking, the Hub will allocate $CREDITS to them; which their owner can claim.


The short answer to this question is quite simple: Solana currently offers what ETH 2.0 promises.

Users benefit from almost non-existent transaction fees when staking or un-staking an NFT on the Solana blockchain. In addition, the incredibly high number of transactions per second that Solana handles, along with shorter block times(400ms), means that the overall experience is smoother and faster. This all combines to increase the potential for what we will eventually be able to build.


Solana has not suffered from the recent contract vulnerabilities that have existed on Ethereum. It is, however, that no system can be perfect and as such, prior to deployment, we will be having our smart contracts audited by a 3rd party. This will ensure absolute safety of everyone’s funds and NFTs.



Neon Game

Minting Soon with rightwards arrow above 11th Dec 3am UTC. Neon is a P2E NFT game. Stake your Neon NFT to earn $CREDITS on Solana Blockchain.